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Long Island manufacturer aids rapid response to virus

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A Massapequa Park manufacturer has joined the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

AC DraftShields just filled two urgent orders for its HVAC ventilation grill covers, which are used in hospitals and other public spaces to allow for a fogging disinfection treatment.

AC DraftShields closed cell foam seals ensure no disinfectant gets into the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The covers were manufactured, assembled and shipped within 12 days to Halosil international of Delaware and IC Solutions 24/7 in the United Kingdom.

“Our efforts are not unique,” said Bill Caporale, principal of AC DraftShields. “I suspect there is an entire network of small Long Island companies that have demonstrated the ability to pivot in the face of a pandemic and contribute something of value to the healthcare support chain. I suspect our experience mirrors those companies of 80 years ago when American industry went from making consumer goods to defense work the morning of Monday, December 8th.”

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