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How to Winterize a House

What is the purpose of winterizing a house?

If you are one of many who wonder how to keep your house warm in winter without turning up the heat, consider winterizing your home. When a home is not properly winterized, hot air produced by your heating system will lose thermal values of 30 percent or more as it goes through the central air duct system. Heated air will rise and be drawn through unsealed air conditioning vents and into ductwork in the cold attic. The air is then re-introduced as icy drafts through lower level vents. A 15 to 20 degree difference is often found to exist between upper heated room air and lower register re-cycled cold air that is emitted from lower air ducts. This is a huge waste of expensive hot air. Rather than heating your cold attic and suffering from cold drafts this winter, learn how to winterize a house.

How do you winterize a house?

When the cold winter months arrive, home owners often brace themselves for higher energy costs. It is estimated that during the winter season homeowners can spend more than $200 on heating than they actually should. However, there are ways that home owners can save a lot of money, such as taking the time to properly winterize the home.

Steps involved in winterizing your home include:

  • Properly caulking and weather stripping windows

  • Ensuring there are not air leaks beneath exterior doors

  • Wrapping pipes in insulation

  • Running fans in reverse

  • Turning down the heat when not needed

  • Boosting insulation

Another great way to winterize your home and lower heating costs is to install A-C DraftShields central AC vent covers. Specially designed to prevent heat loss, conserve energy and save money, these special shields cover central air conditioning vents and prevent icy drafts from entering the room as they would through open vents. By just closing the louvers on the vent grilles, you will not stop airflow and associated heat loss. This is because just closing the grilles alone is not a full seal. However, when you add A-C DraftShields, you will get the proper seal you are looking for. A-C DraftShields central air vent covers are available for all standard size central air conditioning vents. They can also be mounted on walls or ceilings in seconds without any extra tools.

Are there benefits to using A-C DraftShields when winterizing my home?

The A-C DraftShield helps winterize your home by blocking drafts from central air conditioner vents. A-C DraftShield works on vents of different sizes, and even on structure wall air conditioner units. There are many benefits to using A-C DraftShields on your central air vents including:

  • Blocking cold drafts

  • Preventing moisture from entering your AC system

  • Inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew

  • Keeping your home comfortably warm

  • Insulating against heat loss, resulting in hundreds of dollars in energy savings each year

  • Can fit standard thru-the-wall air conditioners from inside your home

  • Install in minutes with only simple tools

If you are weatherizing your home and need the proper tools to get the job done, choose A-C DraftShields vent covers. Our Online Store offers a range of covers to choose from. When you order using our online store, you are only a click away from a warmer, cozier home this winter.

Why choose A-C DraftShields over other vent cover options?

MAVCAP Industries, the producer of A-C DraftShields, is a leading manufacturer of winterizing air conditioning vent and grille covers. Our products are specially designed and have been applied across many industries to properly seal off grilles, vents and other associated duct work.

Though many customers use our A-C DraftShields for winterizing air vents, they can also be used for:

  • Containment of asbestos, smoke or debris

  • Energy Conservation and Savings

  • Energy Audit

  • Duct Cleaning - A-C DraftShields can be used to create negative pressure and prevent debris from exiting the HVAC system during duct cleaning

  • Restoration and Construction –These covers can be used to seal off duct work to prevent contaminants from entering the duct system during construction and/or restoration

  • Painting – A-C DraftShields comply with the new EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Lead Rule

  • Floor Sanding

  • And more!

When you need to ensure vents are properly sealed, trust A-C DraftShields! Our great products have been thoroughly tested and certified by numerous third parties including the American Energy Audit, a RESNET approved Training and Quality Assurance Provider. Our energy calculations have been certified and backed up, ensuring that our product will save you in energy costs by giving you a proper HVAC seal. As an added bonus, all of our HVAC seals are reusable.

Using the latest in technological advancement, we are also happy to offer our EA-Series DraftShields which eliminate the need for Technicians to rely on adhesives or grill mask tape. If you are wondering how to keep your house warm this winter while also saving money on your energy bill, A-C DraftShield is the instant reusable HVAC seal for you.