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What is an A-C DraftShield?

A-C DraftShields were specially designed to help homeowners winterize their homes by blocking drafts from open central air conditioner vents. These vents can blow cold drafts and allow warm air to escape, causing a rise in your energy bills.

There are several variations of the A-C DraftShield:

  • Home Winterization A-C DraftShield - During colder months, homeowners with uncovered central air conditioning vents can spend more than $200 in unnecessary heating costs.  By using A-C DraftShields central AC vent covers, you can prevent heat loss, conserve energy, and save money. These vent covers will significantly reduce your heating costs by preventing icy drafts from entering the home through open vents. Closing the louvers on vent grilles will not stop airflow and heat loss because it does not offer a full seal, but A-C DraftShields can provide the protect you need to prevent airflow leaks.

  • Energy audit A-C DraftShield – This type of cover is used as a temporary vent cover for energy audit professionals performing home energy audits.

  • Through-the-wall A-C DraftShields – These specially designed vent covers fit on wall-mounted air conditioners. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings in seconds without any complicated tools.

A-C DraftShields will give you the proper seal you are looking for, and are conveniently available for all standard sized central air conditioning vents.

How do you install A-C Vent Covers?

Installing your A-C DraftShields is easy! Simply follow the directions below:

  1. Hook included lanyard to AC grille, making sure to keep the connection as close to the center as possible

  2. Tighten the cord using the included cord lock until the vent cover is tightly sealed around the air conditioner vent

  3. Feed the lanyard into the hole in the center to hide any excess slack

That is it! Once you have completed these three simple steps on all relevant vents, you will not only feel a difference, but see a difference in your energy savings.

Why should I use A-C Draftshields?

By using A-C DraftShields, you can successfully winterize your home by completely blocking cold and unwanted drafts from central air conditioner vents. A-C DraftShields are available for vents of many different sizes, and can even work on structure wall air conditioner units. When you choose A-C DraftShields, you can improve the quality of your home by:

  • Blocking cold and unwanted drafts

  • Insulating against heat loss, leading to hundreds of dollars in energy savings every year

  • Installing simply in minutes with only basic tools

  • Preventing moisture from entering your air conditioning system

  • Inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew

  • Keeping your home comfortably warm

No matter why you need to seal your vents, from weatherizing your home to preventing debris from entering your air vents while you renovate, you need the proper tool to get the job done right. That is why you should always choose A-C DraftShields vent covers. Available online in a range of sizes, you are only a few clicks away from a warmer, cozier and more energy efficient home this winter season.