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AC Draftshields is called upon to support the fight of COVID-19

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AC Draftshields is a small business based in Massapequa Park, New York since 2010, that was recently called upon to join the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Halosil International of Delaware and IC solutions 24/7 of the UK placed urgent orders for AC Draftshield covers to be used to seal off HVAC ventilation grilles in hospital rooms and public spaces in preparation for hydrogen peroxide fogging disinfectant treatment. AC Draftshield closed cell foam seals ensure no disinfectant gets into the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Both Halosil and IC Solutions have purchased these same covers in the past and were certain they could count on AC Draftshields to fulfill their order and deliver quickly. AC Draftshields were manufactured, assembled and shipped within 12 days partnering with local manufacturing and fulfillment facilities in a shutdown environment.

AC Draftshields is proud to support Halosil and IC Solutions in their time of need for a rapid response to the current virus outbreak.

AC Draftshield History

Designed for homes and businesses with separate cooling duct systems, AC Draftshields patented grille cover design includes a closed cell foam seal surround and a positive fastening system.

During the winter heating season our covers attach to your grilles in seconds to stop warm heated air from rising up through your grilles into the cold duct system in your attic, only to be returned into your living space as Icy Drafts through the connected network of ducts and grilles.

Once attached, our covers instantly stop heat loss and improve the comfort in your home and are reusable year after year. Sealing off all of your grilles with AC Draftshields will stop condensation and the pooling of water droplets in your duct system. Moist duct surfaces and standing water in your duct system is inviting the growth of mold and bacteria.

AC Draftshields conveniently nest together for easy space saving storage when not in use.

Visit us at www.acdraftshields.com